“I Am Free to Write”

“I am free to write”


I help people learn how to unblock and use their energy.

I have been invited to write a chapter for an anthology about Energy.  

I’m super excited to be given this opportunity and to see what I’ve been gathering inside me after nearly 2 decades of working with 1000s of people.

When I was at school I struggled with writing essays at A level.  There seemed to be an expectation that I should just ‘know’ how to write.  I took my O-Levels, had six weeks summer holidays and returned to study A-Levels.  My writing ability didn’t just grow and expand all by itself over the holidays, and my English teachers told me that I now needed to write A-Level standard essays.

All well and good, but how?  

They didn’t teach me.  We read aloud in class, we acted out passages of Shakespeare with one teacher taking all the main characters and I ate my lunch at the back of the class so I could attend band practice during lunchtime and Hockey after school.  The teacher literally never looked beyond the front row.  I paid attention and ate my sandwiches.  The people at the front of the class were given attention, and I was left wondering how to improve and learn this elusive skill of writing an essay at A-Level standard.  

After getting an F in my mocks, it was time for a different action.

My parents found me an English tutor, she was kind and brilliant.  In a slow and sometimes painful learning experience, I transformed that grade F to a B and learned something about writing an essay plan, structuring my thoughts and writing A-Level essays. 

There are some things you can’t just learn on your own.  There are some things that some teachers don’t teach all their students.  There are some things which need private tuition to learn your own way and with expert feedback tailored to your needs.  

Who knew that all these years later I would be invited to write a chapter in an anthology.  I’ve been invited as an expert on energy.

I told a friend of mine this, and she said: “So what do you know about energy?”  

I’m going to put this in my chapter.  And I was rather taken aback by this question.

You have been reading my writings for 2 months.  Many of you will have attended one of my many thousands of individual lessons with me, or a group workshop, an online workshop or are watching and learning from this newsletter and intend to join me ‘when the time is right’.  Some of you will also have worked with me in my new field of training with Family Systemic Constellations work.  Thank you one and all.  It is a pleasure and a privilege to work with you all and figure out how best I can support you to reach your goals and guide you on the path.

I’m going to ask you to write a little something for me.  

What you have learned so far about energy from me?  Or what would you like to know on this topic, please ask me?

I think I’m always writing about energy and wonder how it comes across to you all.  Is there a favourite quote or remark or image I made?  I’d love to hear your memories and learn how I have been helpful.  If you would like to write a Testimonial, I would love that too.

This is a link on FaceBook to write me a Review.  This really helps me become more visible so I can serve and be helpful to even more people.


“I am free to write”

Written by Lucy Ascham, Body & Soul Energy Expert

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