Lucy teaches children and adults tools and skills for improving everyday life, through movement, posture and coordination exercises, in Sheffield S11 and Manchester Bodywise S4.

Please contact her for more information or to set up your-pre consultation phone call stating which city you are in.

The Alexander Technique Studio

Sheffield and Manchester

Hello and Welcome

I am Lucy Ascham a highly experienced teacher of the  Alexander Technique, my practice was established in 2003 and covers Sheffield and Manchester.  I am a fully certified, insured member of STAT.

Do you experience poor posture, aches and pains which limit what you are able to do in any day?  Are you looking for a lasting answer to these problems?  Have you tried various treatments and therapies and nothing has worked?  Do you want to discover a process to replace any unhelpful habits and  patterns which may be at the root of your back and neck pain?

Would you love to move more freely, with less pain, and more enjoyment?  Read on because there is information here to help you release unwanted tension so that you can rest, sit, walk and play with more fluidity and ease.

Learning with Lucy can be fun using various games, exercises and everyday movements.  Using Alexander’s discoveries of 150 years ago, together you can restore poise for better posture, balance and coordination for life.

I have a dedicated Studio upstairs at my home @ No.9 Armthorpe Road, Nethergreen, Sheffield, S11 7FA.

I am at Bodywise, within the Manchester Buddhist Centre, M4 on alternate Fridays.

Children under 16 will need to have an adult stay with them.  As learning is done through imitation and repetition, its best to learn together.

Lessons are like music or language classes and need practice outside the sessions to be most effective (20 minutes per day).  I provide all the equipment, just wear comfortable clothing and come ready to  learn, be surprised and discover more about yourself.

Learning is tailored for your individual needs, activities and interests.

Some of the benefits of investing in a course of lessons include:

  • reduce musculoskeletal pain
  • prevent joint deterioration
  • increase flexibility, stamina and energy
  • improve circulation and breathing
  • maintain balance and poise
  • reduce stress
  • look and feel more confident
  • increaser stature and presence
  • cultivate a healthy, positive attitude
  • learn tools and skills for life.

What I offer

  • A free pre-consultation call by phone, to see if I am the best person for you to work with.  15 minutes
  • A free assessment consultation, time to meet me, see how the journey is to where I work, ask more questions, experience a bit of the work and see if we want to work together.  No obligations.  30 minutes
  • I offer one to one, Individual Lessons to address your particular challenges and concerns.  This work is done using a variety of activities to offer training in these important life skills.  Weekly lessons during term time / 10 lesson at 50 minutes each.
  • Individual monthly tuning up and maintenance sessions.  50 mins

Call Lucy now to see how I can help…

Studio: 0114 230 7980

Mobile: 07949 522 655 


… to get started

Since 2003 I have helped hundreds of clients to learn a process to find a lasting answer to their musculoskeletal pain – primarily in neck, back and shoulders using my unique approach I have developed.

My unique approach:

  • identify the causes of your aches and pains – and what you can do about it
  • re-learn how your body works
  • reduce tension and release energy
  • restore harmony, integrity and healing to your body-mind system
  • transform painful posture into freedom and poise using my unique safe, gentle and guiding touch
  • easy exercises and everyday movements to strengthen your body, nervous system and emotional resilience.

What’s in it for You?

  • Your spine can regain its full natural length, with ease, even when moving
  • Your head can find its own delicate balance, from moment to moment, reducing tension
  • You can learn how you may interfere with your natural balance and coordination (Habits – know thyself!)
  • You can learn to undo this interference for more freedom of movement
  • Your breathing can be easier, so you’ll have enough fuel for what you are doing
  • You may find calm where there was previously stress
  • Learn something about yourself you didn’t even know you didn’t know
  • Meet your emotions, body and self in a fuller and kinder way
  • When things get difficult, learn to slow down, to savour the moment and experience yourself fully and with better coordination and less background tension.

A 5 minute video tour of Lucy and my Studio in Sheffield.  Here you can see the space you could come and work in, some of the equipment I use and get a chance to meet me in action.

If you are one of the many people who is looking to take more responsibility for your health – get in touch and take the next step and learn these self-care skills.

The choice of activity is yours – the principles remain the same.

Call Lucy now to see how I can help you…

Studio: 0114 230 7980

Mobile: 07949 522 655


… to get started