Healing Intergenerational Trauma

Do you want to feel at peace with your past, and energised in your future?

Family & Systemic Constellations can help.

Family Constellations is a ground-breaking methodology for healing trauma and allowing us to have insights into our current challenges, be they personal, family or professional. We can see a new persective by being opened to a much bigger picture.  A picture which includes seeing our family as they are, no better or worse, our early childhood experiences and the circumstances that influence us and the impact of our parents’ and ancestors lives too.  We can explore deep into the root causes of our behaviours and gain new insights and perspectives which can shift long held patterns.  

This unique approach may be supported by talking therapies but does not replace counselling, it offers a unique lens and the possibility of significant shifts where none may have felt possible before.

There is an energy which connects us to each other, and everyone to everyone else, we call this the Field.  Using the lens of the Field, a Facilitator can see the connections, where energy is stuck or misplaced and work on restoring harmony, balance and order to your energy and this of course, affects you and your family in positive ways too.

This work can be done individually, online and in group workshops.

"Our bodies, quite literally, hold the trauma and stress of the past, including painful childhood experiences and the traumas of the generations before us."

Sarah Peyton, Neuroscience Educator & Master Family Constellator

“It really has been quite a transformative experience. I came with a particular set of things, difficulties in my life, and there has been a definite shift.”
(57 secs)

Joanna says “It’s just really moving… to bring something that I’ve been struggling with for so long, and to have it looked at it a way that I’ve never looked at it before.”
(45 secs)

Garavavati says “The constellation was really, really powerful… I got what I wanted from it: a deeper sense of freedom and a sense of putting a weight down.”
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Family & Systemic Constellations Workshop in Hillsborough, Sheffield 29 April 2024 6.30-9.30 pm

This season, whilst there is so much trauma and turmoil in the world, we are all carrying our own wounds and may be wondering where to go, or what to do to bring healing and hope into our lives.  This workshop is a place to come together and explore emotional, physical, and mental pain using the powerful tools of Family & Systemic Constellations work.

In this group you can come and see and experience for yourself the power of this work.  The work is phenomenological – which means we are looking at consciousness through direct and emobodied experiences.  

One person is the Issue Holder and everyone else is there as a representative or witness – lending their resources to help explore the issue at hand.  What I’ve found over the years of facilitating this work, is that there is ALWAYS an overlap, between your material and that being explored.  So, wherever you are in the circle, you will get insights, new perspectives and some gifts from attending.

Attending and ‘being in the room’ gives you the chance to witness and represent for others, experience life from a new perspective, which fosters a sense of connection and empathy within the group and knowing that you are not alone with what you are carrying.  Being seen, understood and accompanied – are key ingredients for healing.

This in-person, face to face group session is hosted at a private house in Hillsborough, offering full wheelchair accessibility for everyone’s comfort and convenience.   

Monday 29th April 2024   6.30-9.30 pm

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to find healing and understanding in a warm and safe group setting. Spaces are limited, so secure your spot today and embrace the power of Family Constellations to transform your life. To reserve your place click the button below BOOK YOUR PLACE

If its your first time of doing this work, you may wish to come as a witness/representative the first time to see how it works and if this might be something for you to explore further and focus on your own personal material.  Of course, you may feel drawn to just jump in with both feet – that is also fine!

If you have any questions contact me at lucy@lucyascham.

How to Participate

Your mind is made up of pieces of your family, stretching back through the generations – as such, the way you think, react and behave is often down to them too. By bringing those dynamics to the surface of your conscious mind, we can move them, change them and set you free from whatever’s holding you back.

There are 3 ways to participate in a workshop as an Issue Holder / Seeker, Representative or Witness.

There is no acting or role play here.  More an offering of yourself and your body resonance in service of another.  No special skills are required, just an openness to feel your feelings and report what you notice when asked.  Everyone can benefit from insights, new perspectives and healing in any of these 3 roles.  There are huge benefits to be gained as a Rep or Witness, opening your heart and eyes to new perspectives, insights and Ah ha moments for your own family and life.  There is always an overlap between your own issues and those who you are in the room with.  The healing movements you see and support can change you and your family system for the better.

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The Issue Holder

The Issue Holder is the name we give to the client or person who brings their personal issue to explore.  This is typically something which feels like a burden, something which just won’t go away despite talking about it or looking at it in other ways that you have a deep heart-longing for. In practical terms, you, as ‘the issue holder’, tell us about the issue you would like to work on. This needn’t involve very much explanation, in fact it’s better if it doesn’t. I will then help you choose people from the workshop circle to represent elements and relevant family members and place them in the circle - this forms the beginning of a Constellation.

The Representative

In place of the family members and/or elements of the issue you’ve chosen, we will ask people to stand. These are your representatives. The representatives are likely to feel emotions, urges and/or sensations, which originate from your family system. This is because they will become connected to the energy field of your family constellation. Previously hidden dynamics are often revealed or highlighted by this process, which will allow you to move closer to perspective, clarity and a solution.

The Witness

The Witness is someone who helps form the circle, but does not take an active role as an element or representative.  This is also an important position where you can have a useful first step into the work.  Of course, people can still have strong experiences and be changed by what they see and feel.  The ripples of this work go out into their own families too.  Sitting, watching and feeling shares the workload between all the bodies and nervous systems and souls present.  People choose this place multiple times before feeling ready to do their own piece of work.

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What My Clients Say

"Lucy is a highly skilled, intuitive practitioner. She attunes quickly to see what can be done to provide a deeper and strongly insightful perception of a difficult life situation, rather like a hot knife through butter! She has great integrity and knows the power of constellations to pull at the root of what is happening but gently enough that nothing important will break. You'll be in safe, all seeing hands. I recommend her work to others regularly."

Jo, Photographer & Artist

“I thought Lucy’s facilitation skills were excellent. Her mindfulness and ability to hold suffering and the weight of the room, the energy! The whole experience was very useful. I feel much more confident, self-assured, and steady to face my family issues! There is a lot more clarity in my mind now and I feel so grateful. Lucy is very calm, graceful and prepared to meet challenges head-on. I really encourage anyone who hasn’t tried family constellations to give it a go, and especially with Lucy as you will be in safe hands – a supportive and friendly guide to light the way.”


“Family Constellations work for me was fascinating, inspiring, kind, hopeful – all in all, really rather wonderful. There really is a magical quality to the process and your containment of the group enabled that to freely emerge. I’m certainly feeling freer and lighter. Also my back pain has massively reduced, just shows what happens when we stop carrying those old, heavy loads."


“Being part of the Constellation was an amazing experience. It was fascinating to see the unravelling (in a really good way) and understanding of my own and others’ past hurts and confusions by stepping into another’s shoes.

Lucy was a very skilful leader who guided us through the process, so even as someone who’s never done this before, I felt deeply moved through many emotions of sadness, numbness, relief, comprehension, always with the option of stepping back out of role at any time.


On the Bookshelf

I was invited as an Expert on Energy to contribute a chapter to the book titled “Energy: Unleash Your Inner Fire”, now an Amazon No.1 Bestseller It was an honour to share my insights and knowledge in this field, alongside other esteemed experts.

I have also had the privilege of writing a chapter for Words of the Wise,  a book featuring writing from over 25 female authors who have all been on different journeys and who have struggled but overcome various life events. All profits raised go back into The Divine Collective for future projects.




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