“I Am Free to Notice What I Am Enjoying”

“I am free to notice what I am enjoying”

Say this thought to yourself little and often throughout the day. Or may be wait until you can enjoy a nap or its bedtime.  

 Write it, draw it, meditate on it.  Stick a Post It on a mirror.  Set yourself a reminder on your phone if you’d like to.

Practicing this thought throughout the day will help you notice this sequence and support you to navigate daily life in many ways.

As many of you know, one of Alexander’s major discoveries about us mammals is that the relationship of the head and spine govern the coordination of the rest of us.  Yes – all of us!  Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – we don’t separate – its all one thing – our Self.

I am fully aware that its the end of March 2020 and many of us are in lockdown, staying at home for our own safety and with care and consideration for others.  We are not in prison.  We are not being forced to do this.  It is strongly advised and the reasons for social distancing are clear.  Does it change things to think about this is a choice – and one of care for each other?  It does for me.

I am still not listening to the news, beyond the headlines, and my head is quite happy with that.  Inside my head is a comfortable place to be right now.  I’m sad that this is clearly not the case for many people, and yet honestly, I feel very fortunate in many ways.

Today’s thought it this:

“I am free to notice what I am enjoying”

It can be hard for some of us to allow ourselves to enjoy anything right now.  I am not unaware of the situation we are in, strange and sudden changes on many levels for many people.  Things we took for granted even yesterday or last week have altered beyond recognition for some of you, and me.

My work life has changed in ways which were almost unimaginable a month ago.  I have spent 3 years training to share the principles and discoveries of FM Alexander who had the technology of working through coaching and touch.  Now that touch has to be self-touch during Skype lessons, the emphasis goes into coaching.

I hear people’s worries, anxieties, fears, aches and pains daily.  This is real, and big and tough.

And at the same time – we can choose to notice things to enjoy right now.  I have a huge long list.

I am not denying the pain and suffering a great many people have.  I am not trying to put my head in the sand.  I am trying to be more in charge of where my mind goes, and steer it  to notice What Is OK Right Now?

If I go from one to the other, bringing my full attention to both extremes, then I can be more fully alive.  I am not trying to squeeze myself into the ‘there is only suffering and fear’ end of the scale.  I can visit this.  Sometimes I am dragged there for minutes at a time.  This is natural – we are social beings.  We are hard-wired to need other warm, furry mammals to hang out with, touch, be close with, kiss and cuddle with.

I have had a couple of days of a full-body headache.  Every part of me felt tight and clenched.  Talking with a friend in NZ helped enormously.  

AND here we are, many in isolation, some in close confines with people they don’t always find easy for a long stretch of time.  Some far away for others we would love to be with.  Its all true.

AND What do you want to notice more of? 
This can be a conscious choice.  And one we can practice so it becomes more available to us more of the time.
What is your intention?  I intend to be present, here and now – I intend to Trust.

What are three things that you are enjoying right now? – just ask the question – see what, and if anything comes up, don’t dig, or search – just ask simply and lightly – what am I enjoying right now?

For me – the heated throw, the warm slippers and a fully tummy of salad and soup.

And I ask my brain to search for things which I enjoyed during the day.
For many years I have practiced this with my son, we call these our Enjoys.
One thing I enjoyed that I did for myself, or by myself.
One thing I did for someone else, a shared moment, contribution.
One thing I did with someone else.

These 3 things have been a life-line for me for many nighttimes.  This ritual often brings up the opposites too.

Of course, other thoughts and memories pop up, and I can meet them in this present moment, knowing that right now I am safe and have somewhere comfy to rest my head, and my torso and limbs.  The ‘if only’s’ come roaring to the foreground – yes I say, I know… and I meet them here and now, staying connected closely with my body and breathing – simply noticing and staying on the inside of my experience.

“I am free to notice what I am enjoying”

Please email me on lucyascham@hotmail.com  if there are any topics you would like me to cover or if there is anything I can do to help.

Have fun with this.  Take yourself out of automatic, and get thinking consciously and constructively.

Written by Lucy Ascham, Body & Soul Energy Expert

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What My Clients Say

“No pain in the night, no pain when I got up, no pain when I went for a run and no pain now! It’s much more than I expected, thank you! "


"It is as though I have been gifted an entirely new lens through which to view human behaviour, and it is a lens of compassion and empathy like no other. Due to this, I have been able to come to terms with the way my family operates, which has proven to be a great relief. I would definitely recommend working with Lucy. She held such a safe space for me and my vulnerability with great compassion and authenticity."


"Using these techniques has helped me reduce the day-to-day tension I’ve developed over a lifetime of anxious habits and hypersensitivity. It’s been amazing to re-learn how my body works, and how to swap out the survival mechanisms that got me so far, for habits more in keeping with how my body is happier to work."

Alex Booer

“I’ve been doing the Alexander Technique with Lucy over the past few months and my posture has improved enormously. I have a greater awareness of how my body functions and can recognise the signs of when I’m falling into bad habits."

Paul Tolton, Actor

"I feel present. Nice to feel here, not racing ahead. I have a more measured, calm approach. I’m less reactive and am learning to look after myself and choose my responses.”


"I had a traumatic accident a few years ago. After you ‘wriggled’ my head it felt weird – and really good. I could walk evenly for the first time in years!! I’m making friends with my body.”

Zoe, Singer

"I have been happily surprised and have learned a lot about how my muscles and spine behave when I let them. I rapidly realised that AT is not in the least pseudoscience, rather it teaches one to be aware of how the body is holding itself."

Julian Davis, Retired Professor of Medicine & Pianist

"I've just had two enjoyable and useful sessions with Lucy on Zoom. I had been doubtful about how it would work but I was pleased with how it went. Of course, nothing is as good as face-to-face but we are where we are and this was great and has helped me to progress as I had hoped. Thank you. Looking forward to the next ones!"


"Lucy's sessions are amazing. Her unique blend of skills helped me have good posture without effort. Before this, I had seen many physiotherapists and osteopaths, but the pain kept coming back within a few weeks. Even after my first session with Lucy, the difference was so clear that my friends commented on it. After several months, the effects are being maintained with her support."




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