Unlocking Emotional Well-Being with Resonant Healing Language

A journey to self-compassion

In my quest for emotional healing and personal growth, Resonant Healing Language has been a transformative approach. I’ve been working closely with the developer of this new modality Sarah Peyton, as my cherished teacher, therapist* and mentor for nearly 15 years.  The work offers profound growth of neural-pathways to emotional well-being and self-compassion. If your upbringing lacked resources, emotional balance, or love through any of the last 3-5 generations you may, like me, have faced trauma, loss, and loneliness.

It can be tough to live with, let alone offer, what you never received.

In private sessions with me, expect warmth, curiosity, non-judgment, tenderness, empathy, and creativity. You matter, you make sense, are understood and are not alone.

Resonant Healing Language blends language and neuroscience, fostering healing, self-compassion, and growth. The healing language offers deep listening; conversations laced with curiosity and compassion. When I listen it promotes vibrational resonance from one human to another that unfreezes trauma-locked brain-body connections. Memories can finally stop looping around endlessly and instead be date-stamped and find their place to be filed away in your brain and body. The released energy makes way for love, flow, and play to emerge.

*Whilst it is not strictly therapy, it is highly therapeutic. To be clear, I am not a therapist.  I am however, a healer and Alexander Technique teacher since 2003 and Family & Systemic Constellations facilitator since 2018 and have been a client and ongoing student of Sarah Peyton’s since 2008.

Healing through connection

Resonant Healing Language doesn’t analyse or seek to solve but nurtures warmth, kindness, compassion, and aliveness. It’s about supporting you to grow a new neural network in your brain for your emotional well-being through conversations which meet you where you are, as you are, and let you know you’ve been seen, heard and understood.  To be witnessed, understood and resonated with – these are the ingredients that heal the brian and make it a kinder place in which to live.

If you would like a really good ‘listening to’, then one or a series of private Resonant Healing Language sessions with me, might be just what you need to support your brain and body healing.

"We humans are uniquely vulnerable to emotional harm, but we are also uniquely available to hold each other and ourselves with warmth and resonance in ways that re-establish real relationships and engage our brains’ capacity for healing."

Sarah Peyton, Neuroscience Educator & International Speaker

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Who is it for?

This work can be beneficial for those of us healing from trauma, for regulating emotions, building self-esteem, improving relationships, and seeking personal growth.  Through attunement and resonant support you can heal from mental traumas from the past.

I am now somehow grateful for all the struggles I’ve had which led me to work with Sarah Peyton over the last 15 years. Sarah is the visionary behind this groundbreaking methodology and an acclaimed neuroscience educator and author. Her dedication to well-being through language paves the way for healing and growth. Her consistency in keeping track of me and the ups and downs of my life have been a soothing balm and have reshaped my brain and body and emotional life to be richer, deeper, happier and healthier.  This work continues to resource and train me to now offer the work to you.

In summary, this work can help with healing and self-compassion through resonant language. It fosters emotional trauma recovery, and deeper connections to our selves and our loved ones.

It’s a journey of self-discovery, for a kinder brain. On-going sessions can offer more inner peace and harmony through acknowledging ‘what is’. We are not a problem, we are not broken, and yet could all use some support to heal and be happier and healthier in our brain and body.

If this sounds useful, get in touch and let’s start a dialogue to help support you now and resource you for who you are becoming.

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What My Clients Say

"RESONANT HEALING LANGUAGE WAS A REVELATION! My private Resonant Healing Language session online was a real revelation, so thank you Lucy. I came with a specific problem that I had been dealing with and unable to make a decision. Lucy has a wonderful manner and instantly put me at ease. She set out the format for the session, which I found very reassuring. She told me that she would interject with suggestions or to seek clarification where appropriate, which was very helpful to know up front. During the session, I felt very comfortable sharing my thoughts and feelings. At all times Lucy made me feel seen, heard and validated. She provided fascinating insights and great analogies that I have been able to take forward and one in particular has really helped with the specific issue. I highly recommend Lucy.

Beth Fitton Director, The Listening House

"THANK YOU FOR A TRULY TRANSFORMATIVE SESSION. I no longer mattered to myself as a woman. I had buried the women in me since the last relationship finished sadly in my teens. I had sufficiently healed enough to open my heart again in my 50s. With your help I could notice my body - tightness in my throat, chest and stomach, it was hard to breathe. As I noticed my body and emotions, the tightness began to dissolve. The metaphor of a beautiful flower opening and being enjoyed whilst it lasts, transformed the way I thought about my two short romantic relationships. Instead of focussing on the pain, I could remember and enjoy being in seventh heaven again! This monumental shift in perception and focus gave space for the buried feminine essence to breathe again. My body felt expansive and all the parts were in communication, everything softening and feeling whole again. You walked me through the session with a kind and compassionate respect, made me feel seen and heard. This was a balm on wounds and has allowed me to hold what happened in a whole new way, freeing up the buried woman. You have a gift of great intuition, saying exactly what needs to be heard. You are a true healer Lucy."

Aniko Retired Dentist, Australia

"AWE AND AMAZEMENT AT THE DEPTH OF THE HEALING EXPERIENCE YOU FACILITATED YESTERDAY! That was the first time I've experienced being able to do anything with, and for, the little self, my younger self trapped in terror from my childhood abuse, neglect and trauma. I'm very curious to see what emerges in the next weeks. Thank you for these experiences of resonance and accompaniment. This has been profound!"

Rivka Counsellor, NZ



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