Who’s Got Your Back?  Teachers Weekends, Sheffield


Saturday 5th (2-5pm) and Sunday 6th (10-1pm) MAY, 2018  Sheffield, UK

Teacher’s Renaissance Weekend – a chance to renew and refresh your Self and your work.  Learn new games, refresh your skills, have a nurturing time and socialise with old and new friends.  6 hours of CPD time together sharing the work.  I will guide you, I will devise the structure and the content, I’ll organise the various groupings, set the pace and provide a safe, fun and nurturing time together.

We will work on ourselves – perhaps crawling, walking or sitting.  We will work in pairs, letting our hands listen, we let go of the idea of trying to teach each other something, and can take off the role of Teacher for these hours together.  We can listen and learn from each other equally.

We will be gathering in Lucy’s Teaching Room in Nethergreen, Sheffield, S11 – a light and spacious room suitable for 6 teachers and committed practitioners.

The format of the weekend means you probably only need one night away and there is a lovely range of accommodation nearby to suit all budgets.  Please let me know if you’d like help finding somewhere to suit.  On the Saturday night we usually go to one of the many lovely local restaurants and its a great opportunity to get to know one another socially and find out how others are doing.

The investment in yourself is £120 for these 6 hours of CPD in a small group.  Bookings essential, please call Lucy on 07949 522 655 or email me lucyascham@hotmail.com.   Some people come back again and again.  Read Imogen’s story…

“I have now attended four of Lucy’s Who’s Got Your Back weekends for Alexander Technique teachers.  I have found them to be helpful on a couple of levels.  First, for me personally, it has been wonderfully nurturing and nourishing to receive and give work in such a supportive, caring and nonjudgmental environment.  Second, each time I have learned new activities and ways of thinking and approaching our work, which I can bring into my own practice.
Lucy creates the perfect space to explore and learn together, as well as the opportunity to get to know one another socially.  And if that’s not enough, the setting is lovely – easily accessible from Sheffield city center, and right on the edge of the Peak District.  I cannot recommend these weekends highly enough, and am looking forward eagerly to the next time I have the opportunity to attend.”
 – Imogen Ragone, AmSAT 2006, Wilmington, DE, USA



Dates for 2018 tbc

I intend for these summer school days to be a resource for AT Teachers who can often be the only Teacher in their area.  We will gather together, exchange work in a structured and egalitarian way, learn for nurturing and growth.  Please let me know what you would like to see and together we can co-create for 1-5 days.  All ideas and requests welcome.  I’ll do all I can to facilitate and make it a great experience for our continued professional development.


What Teachers said from Summer 2017:

“A beautifully spacious and open day, Lucy, thank you!  I loved the focus on the hands – lots to learn and refresh, with the hand massage being a wonderful treat.”  Kathy H

“I found it deeply nurturing.  The hand massage, constructive rest and work in the room making contact with inanimate objects, the walls, backs of chairs etc before working with physical touch and another human being was a really relaxed way of approaching tools needed for teaching.  I find the way your work is streamlined very seamlessly from one activity to another gradually working towards more challenging aspects of being a teacher is great.  It takes the fear and intimidation out of giving it a go.  I really loved the constructive  rest too as its something we all need.”  Noelle T

“Really exploring, deeply looking and listening to our hands and how we make contact with both animate and inanimate objects.  All this was done with lots of fun, a real exploration through games and sharing with others, in a very spacious way.  A great day, delicious experiences and informative.”  MJ