My unique way of working


Tailored to your needs

I treat each client as an individual.

After all, no two of us are the same – the way we think, our experiences, who we are – so why should the way we heal be any different?

I am an expert in both the Alexander Technique and Family & Systematic Constellation Work, which both focus on patterns – habitual thoughts or movements, or perhaps repeated family traits or behaviours, which may go back generations. Together, we’ll demystify and disentangle them, and in doing so, set you free and restore your body to its natural wisdom.

My overarching expertise enables me to treat you in a way that is tailored to who you are and where you are today.

At your initial consultation we’ll discuss your reasons for being in touch and decide how best to move you forwards. This might be a programme of 1-2-1 sessions and/or group workshops, in person or on Zoom. We will work in the best way available, to get you the results that you need.

Let’s have a conversation today to see if we’re a match to work together on the next step of your healing and wellbeing journey.

What my clients say ...

My Unique Approach

Hidden in your family history – are untold or partly known stories which you carry in your body and keep you stuck, we can restore movement.

Become more in tune and in charge of your body to improve your posture and movements.

Traumas you experienced earlier in your life, even those which happened to your parents, can have a huge affect on you today – body, mind and mood.

‘Unlearn’ unhelpful habits and set your body free for more energy and increase your zest for life.

Unhealthy behaviours can have their source in your family’s history, together we can identify the root cause and give you hope and healing.

Restore order to your body and mind, inner and outer, to their natural healthy balance.

Together, we’ll rid you of tension and the pain you are experiencing and disentangle unresolved issues, and in doing so, set you free.

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