Is the pricing structure for online Alexander Technique lessons different from in-person sessions?

Online vs. In-Person Alexander Technique Lessons: Unraveling the Pricing Structure

The Alexander Technique, renowned for its transformative effects on posture, movement, and overall well-being, has been embraced by individuals worldwide seeking to enhance their lives. With the advent of technology, online learning options have become increasingly popular, including virtual Alexander Technique lessons. As the demand for online lessons grows, it raises the question: Is the pricing structure for online Alexander Technique lessons different from in-person sessions? In this blog post, we’ll explore the pricing dynamics of both formats, to help you make an informed decision that best suits your needs.

Understanding Online Alexander Technique Lessons

Online Alexander Technique lessons offer the advantage of convenience, allowing students to engage in sessions from the comfort of their homes or any location with an internet connection. Through video conferencing platforms, students can interact with experienced instructors as they would in face-to-face sessions. This format has proven particularly valuable during challenging times, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, when in-person meetings were restricted.

Pricing Structure for Online Alexander Technique Lessons

The pricing structure for online Alexander Technique lessons can vary depending on the instructor, their experience, and the geographical location of both the instructor and the student. In the UK and worldwide, the average cost of an online lesson can range from £40 to £100 per hour. Factors influencing pricing include:

  1. Instructor Experience: Highly experienced instructors, like the Americans Mio Morales, Jennifer Roig-Francoli and Imogen Ragone, may charge a premium for their expertise and years of training.
  2. Location: The cost of living and market demand in the instructor’s location can influence their pricing.
  3. Duration of Session: Some instructors offer different session lengths (e.g., 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes), with corresponding variations in pricing. Some offer group class settings too.
  4. Package Deals: Instructors may offer package deals or programmes for multiple online sessions, providing cost savings for committed students.
  5. Specializations: If an instructor specializes in specific areas, such as music and performance or stress management, their pricing might reflect the added expertise.
  6. Currency Conversion: For worldwide online lessons, currency conversion rates can affect the final cost for international students.

Mio Morales: A Renowned Online Alexander Technique Instructor

Mio Morales is an acclaimed Alexander Technique teacher in the USA who offers online lessons to students worldwide. With extensive experience in music he has pioneered online Alexander teacher for over a decade, Mio brings a unique perspective to his online teaching. While his prices are on the higher end of the spectrum, his expertise and international recognition make his lessons a valuable investment for those seeking comprehensive guidance in the Alexander Technique. He works exclusively online.

Jennifer Roig-Francoli, a talented violinist hailing from the USA, offers online Alexander Technique lessons to violin students around the world. With a rich background in music and performance, Jennifer brings a unique perspective to her teaching, blending her expertise as a violinist with the principles of the Alexander Technique. Through virtual sessions, Jennifer provides personalized and group guidance to her students, helping them improve their posture, movement, and overall playing technique. For those seeking to refine their violin playing and enhance their musicianship while exploring the benefits of the Alexander Technique, Jennifer’s online lessons offer a valuable opportunity to cultivate a harmonious connection between body and instrument. She works exclusively online.

Imogen Ragone: Online Alexander Technique Educator

Imogen Ragone, another highly respected Alexander Technique teacher, offers online lessons to students in the USA and beyond. With a passion for helping individuals improve their quality of life through the technique, have less stress and helping carers – Imogen provides a nurturing and supportive learning environment. Her pricing structure is tailored to accommodate diverse budgets, making her lessons accessible to a broad audience of students. She offers lessons in person in Delaware USA and online.

Comparing Online and In-Person Alexander Technique Lessons

When considering whether to opt for online or in-person Alexander Technique lessons, several factors come into play:

  1. Convenience: Online lessons offer greater convenience, eliminating the need to travel to a physical location for each session.
  2. Personalized Attention: In both online and in-person lessons, experienced teachers like Mio Morales, Jennifer Roig Francoli and Imogen Ragone provide personalized attention to cater to individual needs.
  3. Learning Environment: Online lessons allow students to learn in their preferred environment, potentially contributing to a sense of comfort and ease during sessions.
  4. Technology Requirements: Online lessons require a stable internet connection and compatible devices, while in-person lessons require travel to the teacher’s location.
  5. Social Interaction: In-person lessons offer face-to-face social interaction, which some students may find beneficial for their learning experience.


The pricing structure for online Alexander Technique lessons can vary based on instructor experience, location, and the specific offerings provided. Renowned instructors like Mio, Jennifer and Imogen offer online lessons to students worldwide, making this valuable practice accessible to individuals across the globe. When deciding between online and in-person lessons, consider factors such as convenience, personalized attention, and the learning environment that aligns best with your preferences and lifestyle. Ultimately, the benefits of the Alexander Technique can be realized through both online and in-person formats, empowering individuals to discover improved posture, movement, and overall well-being.

Lucy Ascham has been teaching online since 2018 before the Covid pandemic moved most of her work online where she has honed her teaching working with a wider and international geographical area. She offers one hour lessons on zoom and programmes of 2, 4 and 6 months to support deep and lasting skills for an easier and better quality of living life well.

Written by Lucy Ascham, Body & Soul Energy Expert

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"Lucy's sessions are amazing. Her unique blend of skills helped me have good posture without effort. Before this, I had seen many physiotherapists and osteopaths, but the pain kept coming back within a few weeks. Even after my first session with Lucy, the difference was so clear that my friends commented on it. After several months, the effects are being maintained with her support."




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