I am still offering lessons, and they are now on-line via Skype / Zoom / FaceTime or just a simple phone. I help you learn about yourself using Alexander’s discoveries. Working one to one, allows you to work at your own pace and to work on what gets in the way of your balance, coordination and movements. I’ll help you move as nature intended, and recover ease and joy doing what You like to do. With individual lessons we work with the activities you want to improve in and you get clear feedback and tools to integrate learning and healing. The lesson is tailored to you.

Free Advisory Assessment

If you are wondering if the Alexander Technique is for you and would like more personalised answers, please phone and arrange a free consultation with me online. You can also do this on the Online Booking Page to see the next available slot on my calendar. This will give you the chance to meet me, learn a bit more about Lucy’s unique approach, how it might help you, and if you’d like to work with me.

Then if you’d like to proceed, you could have your first lesson immediately, or you can book for another time, or go away and think about it. It’s important to see if we are a good fit to work together. The work is personal, there is a gentle unique touch to guide you anew, the work can be emotional, it can be challenging, it will almost certainly change you. It can be delightful, interesting, soothing, amazing and help you experience lightness and ease you didn’t know you had. Learning and using these tools and techniques can bring about substantial improvements.

Real change comes when you commit to yourself each and every day. This requires discipline, making choices and practice. The investment in your health and wellbeing is about 20 minutes in total each day and is a powerful tool for change.

Booking an Assessment or Lesson

Please phone or email me to arrange this initial consultation, the best number is 07949 522 655 or email lucyascham@hotmail.com You can now book directly from the Online Booking tab on this website.

Payment options

  1. in advance (school term time / a block of 10 weekly lessons) for a designated lesson time. Additional lessons during half term and holidays can be booked and paid for individually at this rate £55
  2. weekly (pay at each lesson) one to one tuition £60

Paying for lessons

Lessons cost £60 each and last around 50 minutes. Lessons may be paid for by cash, cheque or bank transfer. I now have a card reader which takes card payments.

If you are self-employed you may be able to claim lessons against tax, and some employers and private insurers will pay for lessons (see list below).

Private medical insurance

Many of the major private medical insurance companies will reimburse Alexander Technique lessons. Please check the conditions of your policy with your company. Most require a consultant referral (see exceptions below). The following companies will normally fund lessons:

Actplan (on GP’s referral), BAWA, BCWA, Cigna, Ellis Healthcare, Executive Healthcare Ltd, Exeter Friendly Society (on self-referral), Guardian Health, Healthcare Management, HEALTHSHIELD (through company based scheme), Hogg-Robinson Healthcare, I.G.I. (on GP’s referral), Iron Trades Ass. Co, Managed Care Consultants Ltd, Medical Claims Handling, MediCash, Medisure, Motor Insurer’s Bureau, Norwich Union, OHRA, Orion Prime Health, PruHealth, UAP, Provincial Insurance Plc, Universal Providence, UNIQA (Austria), Van Breda, WPA, Zurich. Also: The Civil Service Med. Aid Assoc. (on self-referral), The E.C.’s Joint Medical Insurance Scheme and The U.N.’s Medical Insurance Scheme.

If your insurer is not listed here, it is still possible that they will pay for lessons, please check with them.

Further questions

If you have further questions about the Alexander Technique, lessons or your own circumstances, please do get in touch.

Cancellation Policy

If less than 48 hours notice is given, please note that lessons are not reimbursed, but can be rearranged within the same week if possible.

Cancellations must be made by text or mobile direct to Lucy on 07949 522 655. The nature of my work means I do not see emails during teaching hours.