“I Am Free to Be”

“I am free to be”

Image by Rachel Shirley, Adagio Music from yesterday’s Workshop for Musicians

This image of me was taken yesterday at my last online workshop for the term.  I was working with musicians who came to learn how to look after themselves and their performance anxiety/excitement.  We were looking at one of my favourite joints.  The red mark shows where people typically experience lower back pain.

The rudimentary drawing shows in blue our actual hip joints and the green is the lowest part of the pelvis – our sit-bones.  If you think your hips are at the top of your pelvis, you will move ‘as if’ this is true and you can unconsciously create problems trying to use spine bones like hip joints.  No wonder they shout No! in the voice of pain.  

It is this misuse of your structure that can lead to slipped discs and sciatica and lower back pain.  One part of the Alexander process is learning to more accurately know where your joints really are so you can re-learn healthy movement patterns.  Relearning consciously can take moments, and putting it into real-life moments can take weeks and months. Our habits usually rule our lives, and changing habits of thought and movement – well that is what I help people do.  

I mentor people how to apply this learning, and practice it to their everyday movements to restore good functioning in their structure, balance and stability and learn to use the right parts of themselves for the right movement.

If you are interested to learn this for yourself, it is best to have a teacher.  Just as people learn musical instruments with a teacher and have regular lessons, I recommend people learn to use themselves well with regular support for their individual problems and the solution they want to achieve.

If you would like to know more and how this can work for you, please schedule a free 15 minute conversation with me to see how I can best help you.

Whilst I am just going to head off on a couple of weeks holidays with my son, you can now book online at your own convenience and have an online lessons in August called Skype/Zoom or a One-to-One which will be in the park nearby me in S11.  

I’m planning to reopen the doors to my home studio for you in September.  I will continue working outdoors and online from now on too.

Just click here to see my online calendar 
and I look forward to seeing you when I’m back.  I have one or two places still available on Monday 10 August, and then from Monday 17th August.  

I wish you well, and hope you enjoy the next few weeks whilst I’m off-line doing what You do.

“I am free to be”

with love and good wishes for your health

Written by Lucy Ascham, Body & Soul Energy Expert

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