How Much Does an Alexander Technique (AT) Lesson Cost?

Maybe you have done some research and have come to the conclusion that Alexander Technique (AT) is the next step for you to resolve pain, find ease and stamina for a more fulfilled life.  
So, what is the likely time commitment and cost?


Prices vary usually in part due to the level of experience of the teacher. The length of the session is also a factor. So direct comparisons are not straight forward. 

Value for money is clearly not just a question of the cheapest. Quality plays a key role here. 
The cheapest option is obviously a newly qualified practitioner. 
I qualified in 2003 and have practised continuously since then, honing my practice through experience teachings 1000s of people and on-going professional development. This expectation to develop further is part of the professional commitment of every qualified AT practitioner. You will find we are all a serious bunch in this regard!  I have attended and led many CPD weekends, workshops and retreats for colleagues.

My personal experience with clients over this time is supported by scientific research. 

I have found that people generally need 24 weekly lessons (6 months) to bring about lasting benefits.  We are re-educating mind, muscles and how we manage ourselves. As published on the front page of the British Medical Journal Feb 2009, the ATLAS Trial on chronic back-pain made the finding that “24 Alexander Technique lessons proved to be most beneficial – 1 year later those who had Alexander Technique lessons had an average 3 days of pain per month compared with 21 days per month with usual GP care”.  

So a course of 24 weekly sessions is optimal in supporting a good recovery. There is, of course, a little flexibility in this. Life happens and gets in the way. But regular contact is really important to improve, maintain and further develop skills until agreed goals are reached. I have a 6 month programme which includes additional resources to help support your progress, it’s excellent value, let’s see if this is the best option for you and discuss details together.

Right from the first lesson you will learn concepts, principles and ideas found in nature.  You will learn to see and understand your mind, body and yourself better.  You will have tools to use immediately and life-long.


There is quite a lot of everyday equipment associated with our practice and I have a dedicated teaching room in Sheffield S11. Sessions are bespoke: each client is an individual and treated as such. The needs change throughout the course of the lessons too. An initial consultation of one hour’s duration is for me to identify your needs and for us to decide whether we are suited to work together and if I’m the best person to help you.  I would then draw up a bespoke package with an initial 4 week programme. Common strands are to develop a balanced posture to ease everyday movements. After that we would review also with the purpose of defining the next stage of re-education and self-management


Covid has also helped me develop the use of online sessions on Zoom and Skype. 
Some clients prefer these either because of lifestyle or location. I have clients who live hundreds of miles away. I sometimes offer Introductory Workshops to give a taste of AT. 


Free 15 minute pre-consultation phone call – your questions answered.
Initial 1 hour consultation session either online or face to face £120
4 week bespoke programme £480
Future sessions either online or face to face, £100

I hope this has helped you think about the issue of price and value a little more fully and clearly.  

If you have any further questions and are curious to know more, perhaps now is a good time to hop on a free 15 minute pre-Consultation call with me.  Just book online here using my handy on-line calendar system

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Written by Lucy Ascham, Body & Soul Energy Expert

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