DAYTIME GROUP CLASSES and WORKSHOPS in Sheffield and Manchester

After the lovely groups I had in October, I’m offering two Workshops again at the Therapy Rooms Sheffield, and my usual lunchtime practice groups at the Beacon Methodist Church some Wednesdays in Sheffield and a Friday afternoon workshop in Manchester, suitable for beginners and those with experience.


Sheffield, Sunday 19 November, 2.00-3.30pm  First Steps, Therapy Room

Are you wondering what the Alexander Technique is?  Do you want to come and try it out and see for yourself?  I’ll give you a definition of what it is, what it isn’t and many ways in which you can learn how to better take care of yourself using these research-based principles for back care, neck pain and Parkinson’s disease.  People also come to improve a skill – piano playing, rock climbing or dancing.  Others come out of curiosity for their own human potential and self-discovery.  You are all welcome.

Sheffield, Sunday 19 November, 3.30-5.00pm  Next Steps, Therapy Room

If you’ve had a taster lesson, been to my First Steps workshop, or any previous Alexander Technique experience then come and get some tips and practices which you can take into your life and use immediately.  We’ll go into a little anatomy, and look at how we use/mis-use ourselves in many ways, and some practical ways to start to manage ourselves better.

£20 for each 90 minute workshop, and this is refunded if you purchase a series of AT lessons as part of a 5 or 10 lesson package at the Therapy Rooms with Lucy.

Sheffield, Energy for Expansion AT Practice Group at Nethergreen Beacon Methodist Church, Sheffield, S11 on the corner of Fulwood Road and Nethergreen Road,  1.00-2.30pm  Wednesdays 

1 and 22 November

6 December

Everyone is welcome, we’ve have people who are brand new to the Technique, some who’ve attended workshops before and others who’ve had many private one to one lessons as well as those training to become AT Teachers.  Think of it like swimming or a music ensemble – no matter the level of experience there is always more to learn, practice and enjoy together.   Its an accessible way in to start putting the Alexander Technique discoveries into practical applications and help transform your tension into useful energy.

We’ll put the discoveries about how our head movement governs the coordination of our spine and whole organism into fun and practical everyday activities like walking, standing and drinking tea.  People really enjoy coming for a good rest too.  One mum said to me last time that this was her favourite bit.  I think our society doesn’t value rest enough, and learning how to do this well – without falling asleep or zoning out – is a useful life skill.  We practice this too with guidance so your spine can return to its optimum length and strength.  This helps rebalance your moving muscles with your postural muscles and re-sets you energy levels.

Tea and coffee and a snack provided – all welcome for tea and talking 2.00-2.30pm (class from 1-2pm) incredible value to suit your budget, suggested £10+ donation.

Contact Lucy to book your place.  07949 522 655 and 0114 230 7980 and

Its a lovely big hall, so bring a friend and lots of layers to wear.  We usually do some constructive rest as part of the session and if you can easily bring a blanket or mat to lie on, this is part of your self-care and learning to look after yourself better and better.


Manchester – Friday 17 November, 3.30-5.00pm at Bodywise Natural Health Centre

Are you feeling stressed, find yourself tensing your jaw and shoulders and suffering with stiffness or feeling something is not quite right?

Come and find out how the Alexander Technique can help you.  It’s a method of self-care working on how you respond to stressful situations, and offering tools to return to balance in your muscles, posture, mood and mind.  All together!

During this 90 minute I’ll introduce the ideas and discoveries that FM Alexander made which helped him cure his sore throat, voice and breathing difficulties which had plagued his early acting career.  Its a simple set of discoveries and principles to work with, but not what you might think.  Its not about sitting up straight or trying harder, there are no magic golden threads to hang your head off.  Its based on fact, physics and your natural human design.  Find the unique way of learning to work in harmony with your design and experience more lightness, more length and more ease in mind and muscle.

We’ll have a simple and practical session to answer questions and put these ideas into good use.

£20 per person, which will be refunded when booking an individual lesson with Lucy during 2017 at Bodywise.
Bookings essential as places are limited.

Lucy Ascham

or phone with any questions and to book  0114 230 7980 / 07949 522 655

Send your payment to secure your place by cheque to Lucy Ascham, 9 Armthorpe Road, Sheffield, S11 7FA or take it to the Bodywise Natural Health Centre, 2nd floor, 16-20 Turner Street, Manchester Buddhist Centre, Manchester, M4 1DZ



Energy for Expansion AT Practice Group

 “I came away from today’s group class really knowing that it is essential that I take the time to look after myself.  Time spent relaxing and having down-time, is not time wasted!  I’ve got rid of my To-Do List and am making time to rest.”  said Zoe Jeffryes

Flute Fitness WORKSHOP, SHEFFIELD May 2017

“Lucy, you were fantastic.  I look forward to working with you again.” Rachel Shirley, Leader and Organiser

Day of Yoga and Alexander Technique, BAMFORD August 2017

 “Fantastic workshop, thank you.  Really good to pay attention to tension and breathing and how our bodies are designed to move and bend.”

“I found the games in particular to be a very useful tool to learn about instinctively following our habits and how to turn off from that.”  Pete

“A very enjoyable day giving lots of ideas about being more aware of areas of stress in the body and how to reduce this.  Thank you.”  Alison