“As I Walk, I Can Think Tall, Wide and Free”

“As I walk I can think Tall, Wide and Free”

‘People do not decide their futures, they decide their habits and their habits decide their futures’, said FM Alexander.  

Information and knowledge are useful.  Putting these into action is even more useful.  Committing to doing this action one, three, or ten times a day – then you’ll really start to notice the benefits.

As many of you know, one of Alexander’s major discoveries about us mammals is that the relationship between the head and spine govern the coordination of the rest of us.  Yes – all of us!  Physical, mental, emotional, spiritual – we don’t separate – its all one thing – our Self.

Let your feet be tall, wide and free

So that went well.  My first online Workshop was a blast!  6 people came to play and learn.  It was interactive and engaging.  Much learning – great feedback and I will do this again soon.  Say YES in an email if you’d like to know about my next workshop.

“I am Tall, Wide and Free”

As we walk our path in the house, local streets or parks –  we sometimes choose our thoughts – and sometimes we don’t. 

Are you up for an experiment?

Would you stand up and find a safe space to walk in.

Keep walking in a circle – don’t stop, and just try out these different thoughts for size.

Firstly – just think as you walk – I am Tall, Wide and Free.

What do you notice – where do you look, do you notice the space around?  Can you get a sense of the size and shape of your body – a sense of ease?

Now just change your thinking and think I am short, narrow and tense.  I am short, narrow and tense.  I am short, narrow and tense.

What do you notice now?  How are you feeling?  Do you feel a bit tighter and scrunched?  What else do you notice?  

Now go back to the first thought – I am Tall, Wide and Free and notice the difference?

Is there a big contrast, a medium or small one.  Is it better or worse?  Is this your usual or unusual mode?

Toggle between these two thoughts and see how you can switch on a difference between Tall and Short, Wide and Narrow, Free and Tense.   You have a choice, and our choices are potent.

Our thoughts are powerful.  Our thoughts change our chemistry, our biology, our coordination.  I wonder what you are going to think about when you next go for a walk?

Written by Lucy Ascham, Body & Soul Energy Expert

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