What is the Alexander Technique?

It’s a series of thoughts, movements and actions to put you back in charge of your body and mind to improve your balance and posture.  One thing which FM Alexander discovered is that our brain is always communicating with our musles – which means that we are what we think!   By changing our thinking, we can affect our muscles and movements, which in turns affects our emotions and the way we sit and move.  When we learn to move more mindfully and intentionally and work with our body, then our body runs more smoothly, our breathing fuels us better and are everyday movements can become easier and more comfortable.

Are you curious to learn what is at the root of various symptoms you have?  I help people find what is really going on for them which causes them pain when sitting, walking or running.   When we have tension – some of it seems to come about all on its own, as if it is nothing to do with us.  Would you be interested to learn in what ways you can affect positive change and reduce tension and increase your energy?   I can show you how to have less tension and to redirect that tension or stored energy into more vitality.   When our posture, breathing and movements improve so too does our breathing, digestion and circulation.  

Lucy works through words, movement, coaching and a unique gentle guiding touch.


The best way for most people to learn is with individual one to one lessons with a qualified Alexander Technique Teacher.  I work in person in Sheffield and on Zoom worldwide.